Common Myths About Your Bathroom Drain

It’s important that we talk about common myths and misconceptions on our blog. Not just because we like to brag about our plumbing expertise, but because time and time again homeowners are looped into thinking something about their drain that really isn’t true. The more you believe in myths instead […]

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Common Municipal Plumbing Problems

When municipal decision-makers budget for the year, it can be stressful assessing unforeseen plumbing problems. When problems do happen, municipalities have to act quickly to make sure that businesses and homes in their area are well protected against plumbing issues.  

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What Dust Can Do to Your AC

Air conditioners function by cooling your air, not the objects in your home. This means you can’t expect peak efficiency and effectiveness from an air conditioner that’s trying to cool air rife with dust. Dust can be a huge detriment to the cooling process, and even though your air conditioner is […]

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What to Do if Your Dishwasher Isn’t Draining

Most people consider the dishwasher such an essential appliance that the absence of one in the kitchen has been known to be a deal breaker in selling a house. But like every appliance, it sometimes has issues. While our master plumbers at Adams and Son Plumbing typically don’t recommend taking […]

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The Benefits of an Air Purifier

There are a lot of harmful particles in our air, from germs to mold spores, that can inhibit our day to day life. Not only that, but those same organisms can produce powerful odors that can be nearly impossible to get rid of with standard cleaning equipment. Our noses might […]

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